100% Handmade| Recycled material| One-Of-A-Kind | Fair Trade Practice
By purchasing this BackPack, not only you are supporting a group of 14 independent women from Colombia, but also you are contributing to a sustainable way of fashion.
DeLata bags are a masterpiece. They are carefully put together by single mothers from Colombia. Our products are entirely handmade, therefore each piece is unique.
The manufacturing process of our bags starts with the recycling and cleaning of the aluminum pull tabs, which is our main material. The pull tabs are sewed back together to create our Bags, which are extremely strong and will last a lifetime.
DeLata is convenient and light, yet still carries all the essentials. It is versatile and wants to make you feel comfortable and fashionable at the same time.
Made in Bogota (Colombia)
Materials: Recycled aluminum pull tabs.
Please note. As the product is handmade, each bag can vary in size.